BOOK KUS KUS BEZNESS - Noor Stevens & Natasza Tardio
How thru love got abused and ended in abuse, humiliation and fraud
Literary Roman, true story

The personal experience from Noor.
What started as a holiday love ended after thirteen years of marriage in a nightmare.
She had to escape out of Egypt, abused, humiliated and ripped off.

During a trip thru Egypt Noor met de handsome Omar. With charming words and a lot of attention he knows to reach her and they fell in love. Because of the restrictions witch are in Egypt to be legal together as a couple Noor married her true love. Omar came to Holland where they had six happy years together. After the attack in New York the atmosphere in de world and Holland became harder. And they decide to go living in Egypt. Nothing seams to in there way to be happy together but then the behavior of Omar changed bit by bit and Noor looses more and more her own identity. Noor becomes Omars “bezness”
derived from the word business. By brainwashing, manipulation, isolation, humiliation and abusing the pressure on Noor became higher.
When even the Dutch embassy don’t seam to be able to help her , she decides to escape on her on her own strength en go back to Holland where she try’s to build op a new live.

Book trailer Kus kus Bezness


Published 21 April 2011
De Boekerij/Meulenhoff
ISBN 9789022558003

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